Welcome to my quality-life-project. We are going to learn about lots of stuff all packed in awesome self improvement guides. For example study hacks, living happier, appreciating things that are surrounding us, improving sleep quality and sleep schedule and how to plan your day just by spending 5 minutes (yes, 5 minutes) every evening. You will learn all this in free in-depth guides containing enough information for you to start improving yourself now.

You are wondering why you should start your changing-journey right now? There’s one quote that is stuck deep down inside of me I need to share with you.

“If you do what you’ve always done, you’ll get what you’ve always gotten.”
– Tony Robbins

Why all of that? Because if you do all this, you will get better grades, have a better day, a structured live, you will be able to set and reach goals and finally you will be happier than before.

As I am creating and working on this blog, I am also working on myself. I’m doing this for a few years now and I’m still progressing. That means we are doing this all together. I will share all my knowledge and self improvement strategies in the best self improvement guides which you can find on the internet.

So I hope we will have an awesome journey!