How many Blankets should you Sleep with? (Stop Feeling Cold at Night)

how many blankets should you sleep with?

How many blankets should you sleep with? In this article, we’re covering everything about the number of blankets you need, whether sleeping with more blankets has any benefits and what you should pay attention to. After reading this article, you’ll know exactly whether you need to change the number of blankets you sleep with to …

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Can I Sleep Without Wrapping my Tattoo?

sleep without tattoo wrapping

When you just got a new tattoo, the wrapping can become very annoying. Can you sleep without wrapping your tattoo? In this article, we’re covering everything about whether you can remove the wrapping before sleeping or whether you should wear it in bed. Question: Can I sleep without wrapping my tattoo? Answer: Yes, you can …

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Does Pina Colada make you sleepy?

does pina colada make you sleepy

I’m just sitting here after a night of cocktails wondering whether pina colada makes you sleepy. The dizziness from the previous night is slowly wearing off and I can tell you my first-hand experience with pina colada and sleepiness. You’re probably wondering because you’re just spending your evening drinking a pina colada. Maybe you’re even …

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Is Sleeping Next to an AC Dangerous?

is sleeping next to an ac dangerous

Is sleeping next to an air conditioner (AC) dangerous? If you have an air conditioner in your bedroom, you might wonder about this question. Can you sleep while the AC is running? In this article, we’re going to find out everything about the dangers of using air conditioners while you sleep. Quick Answer: Yes, sleeping …

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