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What’s The Most Comfortable Sleep Mask? – Which Material to Choose?

There are so many types of sleep masks available! Which one is the most comfortable? This question is not that easy to answer as there are many factors and you have to decide what fits you best. We will talk about the different sleep mask types, the materials they are made of and we’ll check which sleep mask are the best bang for your buck and which are the most expensive.

Here’s a small overview of all the topics in this article:

  • Which different types of sleep masks are there?
  • What’s the best sleep mask material?
  • What’s the most comfortable sleep mask?
  • How much do sleep masks cost?

Why Do I use Sleep Masks?

I am personally using sleep masks for a few years now. The reason is, there’s a bright street light shining right through my window at night. Which is why my room is bright 24 hours a day.

Also I’m living in a students dorm which is not the most comfortable place to sleep in. My neighbours are really noisy at night (it feels like they party nearly every night). For a few years now I’m spending my time to find the best working sleep improvement methods.

The sleep mask I use – simple, but it works

To block out the light, I’ve found sleep masks extremely helpful.

And on top of that, they are cheap and comfortable and they last for a really long time! Even if you don’t have a street light shining through your window, a comfortable sleep mask will definitely improve your life as it enhances your sleep quality remarkably (especially when traveling)!

To find out which sleep mask is the most comfortable, we first need to find out which materials earplugs are made of and which different types of sleep masks there are. And we’ll talk about which sleep mask benefit your sleep and which don’t (yes there are sleep masks that don’t suit everyone).

So let’s find out what the most comfortable sleep mask is!

Which different types of sleep masks are there?

There is an insane amount of sleep mask variations out there it actually totally shocked me. In terms of sleep masks, you can get everything you need. And I mean really everything. Here are a few examples.

Sleep Masks with Fancy Extras (You most likely don’t need)

Lavender Sleep Masks

Scented sleep masks have a built-in lavender storage pouch. The scent of lavender is meant to help you relax and fall asleep. Other scent sleep masks come without a storage pouch. All you have to do is just drip little essential oil on it to release the scent you want. Also, to enhance the scent and calm your eyes, they are often microwaveable. I am not a big fan of these. When I sleep I want to have as little distractions as possible. Therefore no scent is often more useful than with scent. They may be useful for meditation and spiritual practices, but I wouldn’t use them for sleep.

Magnetic, Weighted and Scented Sleep masks – Do You Really Need Them?

Weighted Gravity Sleep Masks

These sleep masks have built-in weights. These weights lightly press on your eyes and the surrounding area. For many people, this causes a calm feeling and actually helps them fall asleep. I’m not sure whether there’s scientific evidence that these sleep masks improve your sleep quality (further than by blocking out light), but they are definitely comfortable. There’s just one downside to them: You can only effectively use them when you lie on your back. In any other position, like when you are seated (in a plane), they would most likely slip down. Hence, it’s useful to read about what other people say in the specific sleep masks reviews.

Magnetic Sleep Masks

These are sleep masks that contain magnets. These magnets are meant to stimulate impulses in your brain that calm you down and improve your sleep quality. Even though they can be comfortable just like gravity sleep masks, there is absolutely no evidence that magnets placed on your eyes or forehead improve your sleep. If you don’t believe me, take a look at these hilarious false claims magnetic sleep mask sellers make (So stupid I couldn’t believe it).

The simple all-purpose sleep mask

Ordinary Sleep Masks are the standard variation of sleep masks. Their goal is to actually make you fall asleep better instead of magnetizing your brain or bombing you with lavender scents. Because they are simple in design and functionality, a good sleep mask is a quality product that lasts years or even decades. Therefore I advise you to get a normal, non-fancy sleep mask. They have proven their functionality for decades! Don’t buy into new-fashioned high-priced fancy sleep masks. High-quality material, 100% light blocking and extremely comfortable sleep masks are actually available for very fair prices. I am always surprised about the ridiculously low price this amazon sleep mask is available for (look at the high ratings).

Also, you can carry it everywhere you go because it does not take up any space at all. A weighted sleep mask would be more problematic here. I am using this kind of sleep mask for years now and I recommend (especially if you are new to sleep masks) that you get a simple one like this.

I can roll my sleep mask this small – It’s about as big as my thumb!

What’s the best sleep mask material?

There are four common materials used for sleep masks. Each of them has its own advantages and disadvantages. Let’s take a look.

Silk Sleep Masks – Luxurious and Durable

Let’s start with the classic. Silk sleep masks are the most common ones. Silk is a material, which is used by the Chinese for hundreds if not thousands of years. What’s great about silk is that it is high-quality material. I visited a silk factory in China near Shanghai once and learned a lot. Real silk is extremely durable, and it doesn’t collect dirt and bacteria as cotton does. The Chinese say you never need to wash silk because it doesn’t get dirty. And it’s actually true.

I’ve been using a silk sleep mask for a few years now, and it’s not getting dirty or smelly at all. However, if you feel more comfortable washing your sleep mask regularly, you should still do it.
A silk sleep mask is very comfortable as the material itself is high quality and luxurious. Also, it is a very light material. So if you want to block out light and you want to minimize the feeling of having something on your eyes at the same time, a silk sleep mask is the way to go.

Cotton Sleep Masks – Comfortable and Skin Friendly

Next, cotton sleep masks are a good choice good for anyone who doesn’t to own a shiny silk sleep mask. Cotton sleep masks are (just as silk eye masks) very comfortable. People say they even get more comfortable the longer you use them as they wear in. However, if you want to get a cotton material sleep mask, you should plan to wash it every few weeks. A cotton silk mask will suck up moisture and sebum from your skin. Therefore it will collect dirt (just as your usual clothes). This can even be an advantage for you. Bacteria will be less likely to collect on your skin because the sleep mask will suck up the moisture. Still, if you want to have as little stress with caring about your eye mask as possible, just make that one-time investment and get a silk mask.

Polyester Sleep Masks – Moisture Collectors

Polyester sleep masks are also wide-spread. Just as the other sleep mask materials, polyester is lightweight and comfortable. Also, it is cheap and durable, so you get a good bang for your buck. Still, polyester prevents your skin from breathing effectively. Also, it gathers moisture and sucks up oils which you would need to wash regularly. I don’t really like synthetic materials like polyester because they don’t feel natural on your skin. Maybe that’s just perception. But in terms of sleep masks, I would still stick to natural materials that feel light on your skin.

Satin Sleep Masks – The All-In-One Mix

And last, satin sleep masks are a mixture of cotton and silk materials, sometimes filled with other material as well. They are a good blend of everything and you can’t really go wrong with it.

The most comfortable sleep mask for beginners

As a sleep mask beginner, it actually doesn’t really matter which sleep mask you pick. All of them are great in their own way. Still, to get the most comfortable sleep mask I would advise you to look for the light and luxurious feeling. The less you feel your sleep mask, the better it is. Of course, you will be able to find sleep masks that sit firmly just like swimming goggles. But that’s not what we consider comfortable. When looking for the most comfortable sleep mask the lightest and finest one is the best. If you read the previous section, you already know where this is going to. The most comfortable sleep masks are simple silk and cotton sleep masks.

Also, get the ordinary version of a sleep mask, not a lavender-scent eye mask or a magnetic or weighted one. In general, you can say that the simpler a sleep mask is, the less it’s going to distract you from sleep. And therefore the better you will be able to fall asleep. That’s basically my philosophy regarding sleep: Keep everything as simple and minimalist as possible.

How much do sleep masks cost?

Sleep masks can go for any price depending on what you want. But it seems like you are reading this to find out what the most comfortable sleep mask is. Luckily, we just found the simple silk sleep mask is the most comfortable (and best value for money at the same time). Since silk is a high-quality material it will also last for a long time. And hell, I’m always shocked at how cheap you can get this high-quality silk sleep mask from Amazon.
I mean, it has over 2,000 customer reviews with a top rating. It’s definitely worth a try and you can’t go wrong with it. Especially, if you are new to sleep masks, this is the one to start with.

Stick to Simple Sleep Masks

My sleep mask philosophy is always to cut out unnecessary extras like weights or scents. The more simple you design your sleep, the better it will become.

You’re probably traveling sometimes or you might have noisy neighbors just like me. In this case, I totally promise you, you will leverage your sleep quality to the next level just by using earplugs. They changed my life (I’m not lying). You will be surprised by the magical benefits of earplugs and how to use them in situations you don’t even think of now (aside from sleep).

Outline – Simple Silk Sleep Masks Are The Most Comfortable

To improve your sleep, keep everything as simple and minimalist as possible. Not only will your brain thank you, but also your purse. A comfortable sleep mask doesn’t need to cost huge amounts of money. As long as it’s a nice and soft material, you’re already on the right track.
The right eye mask will enhance your sleep in so many different situations. No matter if you are on a train, on a bus, on a plane, at home in your bed or in a friend’s house. Now go and find out EVERYTHING about sleep masks (you never even thought you wanted to know) – And how I improved my sleep from 0 to 100 using them.

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