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Do Magnetic Sleep Masks Work?

Magnetic Sleep Masks promise to improve your sleep using a deep penetrating magnetic field. At least, that’s what they claim. Because I did a lot of research on the topic and study electrical engineering at university, I have a solid understanding of electromagnetic fields. Let me explain to you, which benefits magnetic sleep masks really have and which they don’t have. So, let’s find out: Do magnetic sleep masks work?

The Science Of Sleep Masks

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I already wrote a huge guide on everything you need to know about sleep masks. If you don’t want to read everything, I’ll summarize how a sleep mask works for you.
A sleep mask is intended to block out light from your eyes. Why? Because light prevents your brain from producing melatonin. That’s the hormone that makes you feel tired and helps you fall asleep. It’s simple: Blocking out light from your eyes improves your melatonin production and lets you fall asleep earlier. Also, you will have better sleep quality and feel more refreshed in the morning.

A sleep mask is usually made of light material, so it won’t disrupt your sleep. Actually, a sleep mask feels really comfortable. Mostly, they are made of cotton or silk. But there are a lot of different models available.

Now let’s take a look at magnetic sleep masks. These are simply regular sleep masks with a few magnets sewed inside. Mostly they contain about 12 of them. Let me explain to you why I say they don’t work the way they are claimed to work and are no better than regular sleep masks.

Why Magnetic Sleep Masks Don’t Work

Pseudoscientific Lies Magnetic Sleep Mask Sellers Tell

I found an article on magnetic sleep masks online and I totally disagree with it. Let’s take a look at the 4 biggest lies you will read about magnetic sleep masks.

Lie 1: “Sleep Mask Magnets release a pulsed magnetic field”.

This is fundamentally wrong! A magnet always emits a static magnetic field, not a pulsed one. These static magnetic fields have almost no impact on your brain. Pulsed magnetic fields in a sleep mask can only be produced by electronics. I’ve looked around and couldn’t find a single sleep mask containing electronics. They always contain a few static magnets which can’t produce pulsed magnetic fields. Still, electronically produced magnetic fields would have the same effects as placing your smartphone on your forehead: none.

Lie 2: “Magnets Stimulate The Pineal Gland Which Produces Melatonin”

Basically, this article tries to build trust by making false scientific claims. The US National Library of Medicine also says that alternating magnetic fields stimulate the pineal gland and enhance the melatonin production. Still, magnetic sleep masks don’t work that way. They can’t produce these alternating magnetic fields. The magnets in a magnetic sleep mask produce a static magnetic field. These static magnetic fields can’t induce electric currents. In simple, they can’t provide the energy to stimulate the pineal gland.

Lie 3: “Magnetic Sleep Masks Relief Pain”

Sadly, this is also wrong. There are magnetic therapies used by doctors to relieve neck pain or headaches. A professional magnetic therapy uses strong alternating magnetic fields which have the ability to stimulate your brain. Some people hope to get the same effect using a magnetic sleep mask. Mostly, they don’t know that the magnets inside a magnetic sleep mask can’t produce alternating magnetic fields. Therefore, a magnetic sleep mask is not able to have any effects on your pain sensitivity and can’t heal you. If you have serious problems with headaches, you should go to a doctor instead of wasting money on magnetic sleep masks which can’t keep their promise.

Lie 4: “North Pole Magnets heal, South Pole Magnets hurt”

I took a look at some products and explanations on magnetic sleep masks and what I saw shocked me. Believers claim that magnetic sleep masks are strong north pole magnets. When you put them on your forehead, these north pole magnets improve serene mental activity: reasonableness and good moods. And when applied to your body it reduces fluid retention in our cells, it reduces fat cell deposits by dissolving them and it reduces acidity in our bodies.

And then they say south pole magnets have opposite effects.

There’s a simple explanation of why this is a false claim. Physically, it’s impossible to have a north pole only magnet. Every magnet, even if you split it down, has a north pole and a south pole. I guess magnetic sleep mask producers try to make the north pole face your head and then call it “north pole magnets”. And on top of that, physically, north and south pole have the same effects. Therefore, there is no difference. Even if magnetic sleep masks worked and had all the benefits, it wouldn’t matter if it was the north or south pole facing your forehead.

False Selling Arguments

Maybe magnetic sleep masks really have benefits regarding your sleep. And maybe they somehow relieve pain. Even if it’s just the placebo effect. But the claims that are made about how and why they work are simply wrong. Either magnetic sleep mask manufacturers don’t know much about physics and medicine themselves and didn’t do enough research. Maybe they believe in what they say. But I think they just want to make money off unsuspecting people.

On, someone wrote:
“It’s a good eye mask for blocking the light and pretty soft but the magnets really don’t do anything to take away headache pain which is why I bought it”

Still, there are more positive than negative reviews on magnetic sleep masks so I thought about another way they could work.

How A Magnetic Sleep Mask Could Work

There’s just one little thing that comes to my mind how magnetic sleep masks could really work. As I said, they can’t work the way sellers describe. But the static magnetic field emitted by magnets in your sleep mask has the ability to distract electrons. And as we know, our brain uses electrons to communicate. If you have a headache and there’s a pain signal on the way to your brain, it gets distracted by the magnetic fields. Possibly, this pain signal isn’t able to reach its destiny. That’s one way a magnetic sleep mask could work.

Are Magnetic Sleep Masks Dangerous?

Yes, if you use electro-medical devices! Magnetic Sleep Masks have a high potential to harm your health and wellbeing. If you have a pacemaker, defibrillator, implanted insulin pumps or other devices, you should keep magnetic sleep masks at a safe distance. Or better: Don’t risk your life using them.

Benefits Of A Magnetic Sleep Maskmagnetic sleep masks relieve headache

Although the original idea of a magnetic sleep mask is a good one, they are scientifically not working. Still, a magnetic sleep mask can have benefits over a normal sleep mask. Funnily enough, these benefits don’t have anything to do with the causes of the magnets.

The first benefit that comes to my mind is that magnets have a cooling effect on your eyes. This cooling effect can actually help you relieve headaches and relax your eyes. Especially in warm summer nights, a magnetic sleep mask can feel more comfortable than a normal sleep mask.

Also, giving someone a magnetic sleep mask as a gift is a great idea. That would be a perfect present for your grandma for example. Especially for older people who don’t really question products like these, a magnetic sleep mask is great. Why? Because we all know the placebo effect: If you believe that something works, it will work.
Magnetic Sleep Masks, therefore, work for everyone who believes in it. And if it works – that’s all you want. There’s no need to question why it works.


I love sleep masks. Yet, magnetic sleep masks are most likely not more or less effective than regular sleep masks. If find yourself struggling to fall asleep at night, you should definitely get a sleep mask and take a look at everything you need to know about sleep masks. You can even combine them with earplugs to get the best quality sleep you can get.

Sadly, I have to disagree with magnetic sleep masks. It was awesome if the claims that are made about them were true and scientifically backed up. But that’s not the case. Magnet therapy is a new thing to medicine and there are doctors doing it professionally. I believe that magnet therapy works with strong alternating magnetic fields which have effects on our brain and melatonin production. This truly works and is backed up by the US National Library Of Medicine. But using a sleep mask with static magnets in it doesn’t work the same way.

I hope you learned something today. Share your experiences with me. If there are some people telling me it truly worked for them, I’ll be happy to buy a magnetic sleep mask and make an in-depth review about it.

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