how many blankets should you sleep with?

How many Blankets should you Sleep with? (Stop Feeling Cold at Night)

How many blankets should you sleep with? In this article, we’re covering everything about the number of blankets you need, whether sleeping with more blankets has any benefits and what you should pay attention to.

After reading this article, you’ll know exactly whether you need to change the number of blankets you sleep with to optimize your sleep.

Question: How many blankets should you sleep with?

Answer: You should sleep with two blankets at night: One thick and one thin wool blanket. It is the optimal balance for a warm and comfortable sleeping temperature. The additional weight of the wool blanket increases the overall weight which can help you fall asleep faster and could reduce stress.

Something happened during my childhood-days. Let me tell you a story that explains why I constantly think about how many blankets you need for sleep.

How my great-granny made me think about blankets

As a small kid, I once visited my great-granny on a cold winter day a few days before Christmas time. The snow-covered ground made my feet soaking wet, so we went into her bedroom to get me a new pair of socks. When I entered the cozy bedroom, I saw that she had piled up at least 5 blankets on her bed! I can’t recall exactly how many, but it was a tower of blankets that rose from her bed.

I worried whether my great-granny was freezing at night, but somehow I lost this thought and went on with my childhood-life. 

The next summer, I visited her again. When I checked her bedroom, I saw that she still had blankets literally towering on her bed. So, it’s not because she felt cold in the winter. But why does she sleep with so many blankets?

When I asked her, she said she would always sleep like this. And now she’s turned 90.

I just accepted that as a fact, but it kept me curious. And this is the article, where we’re going to find out more.

Benefits of Sleeping with more than one Blanket

  • Warm – When you sleep with more than one blanket, it’s a lot warmer in your bed. The amount of freezing cold air that sneaks under your blanket just drastically reduces. Additionally, when you sleep under two blankets, the air that is trapped between them acts as an insulator.
    Whenever I feel cold at night, grabbing a second blanket helps me to fall asleep. It helps you so much!
    And it works much faster than waiting for your heating to warm up.
  • Comfort – Sleeping under two blankets provides additional comfort. Due to their weight, the blankets cuddle up with you. It just feels so much better.
  • Weight – A second blanket adds more weight. The weighted feeling can relieve stress and make you fall asleep faster. That’s one of the reasons weighted blankets are so popular.
    By using more than one blanket you imitate the feeling of a weighted blanket. It reduces anxiety, stabilizes blood pressure and can help you sleep deeper.
  • Security – Sleeping with many blankets gives you a feeling of security. You essentially layer up a protective shield that separates you from your environment at night.
    This is also helpful for kids who are afraid of a monster that sneaks up their bed and bites their feet. When you cover their feet with an additional blanket, kids are a lot less anxious and feel safer.
  • Compression Therapy – The increased weight adds a feeling of light pressure that is incredibly calming at night. It reduces nervousness and excitement.
    Some parents report that their kid with autism finally sleeps since they use multiple blankets.

Why two thin blankets are warmer than one thick blanket

You might have already noticed that sleeping with two thin blankets is warmer than sleeping with one thick blanket. But why is that?

It’s simple:

Air is an effective heat insulator, much better than other materials. In fact, it is one of the best insulators that you can use. The majority of insulators work by trapping air.

For example:
Your jacket – It’s not warm because it contains wool. No, it’s the air that’s trapped between the strands of wool that keeps you warm.

Also, that’s the reason why wearing multiple thin layers of clothes instead of one thick jacket keeps you warmer. There’s a lot of air trapped between the layers of cloth.

Similarly, sleeping with two thin blankets is much warmer than sleeping with one thick blanket.

How many blankets should you sleep with?

Please don’t take my great-granny as an example and sleep with 5 blankets at a time.

Our answer is: The best amount of blankets to sleep with is two. Two blankets are enough to provide you all the benefits and you can combine them in various ways to optimize your sleep.

Three blankets are only useful when you find it too cold to sleep at night. In case of a blackout or when your heating doesn’t work, three blankets definitely make sense.

But normally, two blankets should get most of the jobs done.

How to combine blankets – 4 Useful Blanket Arrangements to sleep with

There are several ways to combine blankets. Each comes with its own benefits and use-cases. Here are the most useful ones.

Here’s how these arrangements look like:

how many blankets should you sleep with? four different blanket arrangements

One thick blanket

That’s what most people usually use to sleep with. A thick blanket keeps you warm and comfortable at night.

However, one blanket has several disadvantages compared to sleeping with many blankets.

These are:

  • Cold air can come in from the sides.
  • It’s not heavy enough.
  • There’s not much air trapped (for insulation) to keep you warm.

There’s an easy fix to this issue (which is easily available)

Two thin blankets joined together

Oftentimes, when you buy a blanket, it’s not just one blanket, it’s two blankets joined together. Maybe your blanket actually consists of two blankets as well.

Anyways, sleeping with such a double-blanket isolates you from cold air.


The layer of air that’s trapped between the blankets protects you from the cold.

That’s exactly why the onion-shell principle for clothing in the freezing wintertime works. Instead of wearing one thick jacket, you wear multiple layers of clothing. In the gaps between these layers, the air is trapped, which keeps you warm.

I’m currently sleeping with a blanket that consists of two blankets joined together. However, sometimes I miss the weight and additional comfort of having another blanket on top.

One thick blanket covered with a thin blanket

Having one thick blanket covered with a thin blanket on top is, in my opinion, the very best choice you can make.

The thick blanket keeps you warm, and the thin blanket covers air gaps.

Use this method when you feel cold at night or if you are sick. It can benefit you so much.

I never felt cold using this combination of two blankets.

Additionally, the weight of the combined blankets is calming and stress-relieving.

One thick blanket, one thin blanket and another thin blanket covering the feet area

This strategy is meant for everyone who loves a little more pressure and tightness in the feet area.

Remember how your parents sometimes wrapped your feet in your blanket so you looked like a sarcophagus?

That’s a pretty similar feeling. But your feet are not wrapped, so you still have some range of motion, of course.

The additional weight of a third blanket gives you all the benefits of a weighted blanket.

It is out of question that this method is pretty warm. In a heating outage, I’d always sleep like this.

How many blankets should a baby sleep with at night?

In case you have a toddler and you’re wondering about how many blankets you should put on him/her at night, here’s something I found very helpful.

Babies are sensitive to temperature. Contrary to your expectations, you don’t need to keep them hot all the time.

The reality looks like this: Don’t let your baby get too hot or too cold.

According to a newborn guide, here’s what you should look out for when bedding your baby:

  • Make sure your baby is not sweating and their tummy does not feel hot.
  • Let your baby sleep in a room with a temperature that you find comfortable as well. They don’t need heat.
  • Don’t let them sleep with a hot water bottle or a heater.


Your baby should sleep with layers of lightweight blankets. You can also use a single blanket and fold it, which counts as two. Oftentimes 2 lightweight blankets are the best amount for a baby.

Babies also benefit from sleeping in a rather dark room. Here’s a guide on How to darken your bedroom.

how many blankets should a newborn sleep with

How many blankets should you have on your bed?

Even though it is oftentimes a good decision to sleep under two or more blankets, it will look very cluttered and messy to always have them prepared on your bed.

My suggestion:

For a tidy bedroom, keep only one blanket on your bed. In case you want to sleep with more than one blanket at night, keep the other blankets in separate storage.

You can store the other blankets in a basket or in your closet.

Just grab them whenever you feel like you need another blanket at night.

An exception: You can keep an additional thin wool blanket on your bed. It adds to the look and comfort of your bed (Take a look at the recommendation in the section below).

This can actually be a big advantage over continuously having multiple blankets on your bed:

You don’t get used to sleeping with more than one blanket because you will only get the other blankets when you really need them.

This makes your life easier:

Imagine you’re traveling to another country, you expect to have a great vacation with your family. And then: The hotel room has only one blanket per bed.

Don’t you think that would be a catastrophe?

If you don’t get used to sleeping with many blankets, you are more flexible and versatile.

Addon Wool Blanket for Sleeping (My recommendation)

Personally, I keep a thick blanket plus an additional wool blanket on my bed for the whole wintertime. It provides a lot of extra comfort.

In contrast to having two full-sized, thick blankets, a thin wool blanket has the advantage of being easy to story. You can put it away about everywhere as it folds down to a small size.

wool blanket as an addon blanket to sleep with

Here’s a wool blanket I recommend:

Also, it comes in very handy if you feel cold when watching TV: You can quickly grab the wool blanket and get comfortable on your couch again. But pay attention: Avoid falling asleep in front of the TV. It’s not good for your sleep quality.

These wool blankets are very useful when you want to combine them with your regular blanket because they don’t slip away.

Wool has a lot of friction. It kind of sticks to your blanket and decreases the chance of slipping away at night.

Of course, wool blankets are not slip-proof. But I’ve found them a lot less fluctuant than other materials. Slippery polyester, for example, will disappear from your bed every night.

Why should you sleep with multiple blankets? – The Outline

Sleeping with multiple blankets can be beneficial for you. It provides a lot of additional comforts and keeps you warm and cozy in the cold wintertime.

I’ve found sleeping with multiple blankets especially useful for falling asleep better and stress relieve. The weight of the blankets just makes the night so much more comfortable.

Layering blankets does not only help you fall asleep, but it’s also an easy method to ensure your baby sleeps under the optimal temperature conditions.

Anyways, I hope you liked this article! Share it with your partner so you both can finally decide to sleep with two blankets at night.