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What To Do If You Can’t Hear Your Alarm Clock?

Not hearing your alarm clock in the morning is a big problem, especially if you have a deep sleep and need to wake up early. Sometimes it happens to me. I wake up in the morning and take a look at my alarm clock just to find out I’ve overslept two hours. It’s like the alarm clock didn’t even ring. If the same thing happens to you, let’s find out why you can’t hear your alarm clock in the morning and what to do to prevent it!

Why You Can’t Hear Your Alarm Clock In The Morning

There are many reasons why you can’t hear your alarm clock in the morning. Let’s go through these reasons while you make sure you fix them all.

You Use An Improper Alarm Ringtone

What kind of alarm sound do you use? If you use your smartphone as your alarm clock, you usually have many options. Stop using the rushing water or chirping birds sounds and set a really loud sharp noise. I recommend using a classic alarm clock sound to make sure it’ll wake you up. Also, set the volume high.

Your Ears Are Covered

Some people cover their ears in the blanket while they sleep and don’t notice it at all. That might be a reason. Also, if you use earplugs, these might be a cause. But normally you can hear your alarm clock even with earplugs as I discussed in this article: Can You Hear Your Alarm Clock With Earplugs?

You Have A Hearing Problem

Maybe you have a hearing problem and don’t know it yet. You can exclude this reason if you have no problems with hearing in everyday life. But if you have, don’t worry, I have some tips for you.

Your Alarm Clock Is Too Far Away From You

Most likely you know the trick many people use, that forces you to wake up in the morning: Place your alarm clock on the other side of the room. Therefore, you have to stay up to shut the alarm down. I personally also do that. But if your alarm is too far away from you, that might be the reason you can’t hear it in the morning.

You’re Too Tired And Have Bad Sleep Timings

Going to bed too late, even if you have to wake up early is a common mistake. If you go to bed at 1 am wanting to wake up at 6 am, you should definitely rethink your strategy. That has been the cause for me mostly.

In the Natural Sleep Program I will tell you exactly how to time your sleep! It includes a step-by-step evening routine that you makes sure you get the optimum sleep quality and takes out all the guesswork for you.
You will learn exactly what to do to stop waking up tired. I promise that you won’t regret to give the program a try!

You Have Bad Sleep Habits You Need To Fix

Number one reason you fail to hear your alarm in the morning is bad sleep habits. There are many of them. Too many. And chances are you probably have at least one of them. Do you drink coffee or coke in the afternoon? Do use your smartphone in bed? Or don’t you air your room before sleeping? If you think you have habits that need to be improved, take a look at 5 Habits That KILL Your Sleep Schedule.

What To Do If You Can’t Hear Your Alarm Clock In The Morning?

set your alarm properly if you can't hear it

There are four wake-up triggers that get you out of your bed in the morning.

  1. Sound
  2. Light
  3. Temperature
  4. Touch

By using your alarm clock only, you limit yourself to just one of these four. If you simply use two instead of just one, you double your chances of waking up in the morning. But how can you use light, temperature or touch as a wake-up trigger?

Using Light As A Wake-Up Trigger

There are two methods you can use to wake up using light. The first one is getting a light sunrise simulation alarm clock. 30 Minutes before you want to wake up, it slowly turns on a built-in light that simulates a sunrise. The light blocks your brain from producing melatonin. That’s the hormone making you tired. And therefore, you wake up without annoying alarm sounds just by soft sunrise light. A sunrise alarm clock will change your morning completely, I promise. I really recommend investing in one of them. You get it once, but it will improve your sleep for years. I tried one myself over a period of a few months. Sometimes you even wake up just from the light. Before your alarm clock rings.

A good sunrise alarm clock makes you feel refreshed and energized in the morning. If you want to solve your problem of not hearing your alarm clock in the morning instantly, look no further:  This 4,300 customer rating wake-up light alarm clock (with sunrise simulation) listed on amazon is the way to go. It’s worth every penny.

If you don’t have that money to invest you can try sleeping with curtains open. While that works in the summertime when the sun rises early, it won’t work in winter.

Or if you are good at electronics you can use a timer to automatically turn on a light every morning.

Use Temperature As A Wake-Up Trigger

How can you use temperature as a wake-up trigger? Well, that’s a little tricky. But generally, a change in temperature will also wake you up in the morning, even if you can’t hear your alarm clock. If you have an electric blanket and a programmable timer switch, you will be able to heat your blanket up 30 minutes before you need to wake up. Because it gets warm, you will wake up and have better chances to hear your alarm clock in the morning.

Using Touch As A Wake-Up Trigger

If you have a sports watch or a smartwatch lying around somewhere, check if it has a vibration based alarm built in. Using a vibration based alarm will not only wake you up gently, but it’ll also make you independent of your alarm clock. Or at least it’ll be a helpful bonus. I’m sure you will not miss waking up when your alarm rings and your watch vibrates and at the same time.

How To Improve Your Sleep Habits

Let’s take a quick look at bad sleep habits you can improve right now if you can’t hear your alarm clock in the morning.

Get Enough Sleep

Firstly, you have to sleep enough. The worst thing you can do is to not get enough sleep. Not only because you won’t hear your alarm clock in the morning, but also because it’s crucial for a happy and healthy life. Also, make sure to stop using electronics one hour before you go to bed. Because light makes your brain think it’s still daytime and therefore keeps you wide awake. So, put your smartphone aside and enjoy the last, calm hour of your evening.

workout to hear your alarm clock in the morning and sleep better


Also, workout regularly. It’ll give your body a reason to need sleep. Working out uses your bodies resources which your body has to regenerate while you sleep. And as a side effect, you become a lot more handsome.

Use Science To Improve Your Sleep

Studies have shown that if you get up at the same time every day (even on the weekends) you’ll develop a natural sleeping pattern. This natural sleeping pattern is more powerful than any alarm clock. It regulates your sleep just so you are completely refreshed and ready to go every morning right before you need to wake up.

Also, you can train your body to sleep better by taking naps during the day. A nap will not only help you feel better, but it also trains your body to use a short time period to regenerate as much as it can.
On top of that, you can use earplugs and a sleep mask. While a sleep mask blocks all the light from your eyes, earplugs will block all unwanted noise. Don’t worry, you’ll still be able to hear your alarm clock with them. Using a sleep mask or earplugs will improve your sleep quality by at least 50%. I love using both of them and also collected a lot of information. I summarized Everything You Need To Know About Sleep Masks right here.

A powerful way to make sure you optimize your sleep and to feel good in the morning is to time your REM sleep. You want to know what that is and how to do it? Let’s take a look.

How To Time Your REM Sleep

What is REM Sleep?

REM sleep is the part that starts in the first 15-30 minutes of sleep. REM stands for rapid eye movement. In this phase, your body starts preparing for regenerating your body. In this phase, you’ll still be able to wake up easily. It’s an in-between-thing between being an awake and deep sleep. In the deep sleep phase, all your senses are shut down and you can’t hear anything. Your body is using all its capacities to repair and regenerate. In deep sleep phase, your body has problems waking up. You will be confused and maybe even hearing things that aren’t real. If you have a bad sleep timing and your alarm clock rings right in deep sleep phase, chances are, you can’t hear your alarm clock.

After deep sleep, you will enter REM sleep again, then deep sleep, REM sleep, over and over. This cycle repeats multiple times. One cycle usually lasts 90 minutes. Scientists say that the perfect time to wake up is after 5 cycles, right in REM phase where your body is near to being awake anyway.

How To Calculate REM Sleep

If you don’t want to do crazy mathematics, here is a simple tool for you: Sleep Calculator.
Just set the time you want to wake up at and then click “when should I go to bed?”. This sleep calculator calculates the perfect times to go to bed for you.


I’m sure you now have found out about some things you can try out tonight. We’ve talked about the reasons why you can’t hear your alarm clock in the morning. Then, you found out about other methods to wake you up in the morning and how you can improve your sleep habits. Especially by timing your REM sleep. For me personally, going to bed in time and using earplugs (that may seem counterproductive, I know, but it’s not) improved the problem a lot. I hope you got some ideas on how you can change to be able to hear your alarm clock in the morning.

If this helped you and you are interested in improving your sleep even further, definitely check out the sleep guides section where I collected my best tips that will make you fall asleep much better and wake up energized every morning!

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