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3 Best Memory Foam Pillows For Back Sleepers – Unbiased Review

When you consider getting a memory foam pillow, you probably wonder what’s the best choice for your back sleepers? As you most likely now, different pillows fit different sleeping positions and postures. You’re in the right place! I researched and researched and finally got to a conclusion. Here’s a list of the 3 best memory foam pillows for back sleepers! By choosing one of them, you can’t go wrong.

Memory foam pillows are regular pillows for sleeping, but their filling is made of memory foam instead of cotton, polyester or feathers. It’s a very spongy material with lots of air bubbles inside. What makes memory foam special is that it adapts to the shape of your head when you lie down on it. It “remembers” the shape of your head as it’s a very slow and stiff material. That’s the reason it’s called memory foam.

The best thing about it is that because it slowly adapts to the shape of your skull and neck when you lie down, the memory foam distributes pressure evenly. That way it prevents your neck muscles from getting strained. Especially as a back sleeper finding a good pillow is always difficult because back sleepers are more often than enough affected by neck pain. That’s why memory foam pillows are a great choice for you as a back sleeper.

Quick Comparison: Best Memory Foam Pillows For Back Sleepers

I’ve compiled three perfect memory foam pillow choices for back sleepers for you. Here they are:

Milemont PillowErgonomic Design,
Low Price
Not Adjustable
Snuggle-Pedic PillowAdjustable,
Shredded Memory Foam
Wears Down
Royal Therapy Pillow
Highest Quality,
Best Price,
Ergonomic Design
Best Customer Rating
Not Machine-

Milemont Memory Foam Pillow Review for Back Sleepers

The Milemont memory foam pillow for back sleepers trumps with an ergonomic design that suits back sleepers as well as side and belly sleepers. So you can always feel comfortable in any position. The Milemont memory foam pillow is a good choice if you don’t want to be tied to back sleeping and if you like to change sleeping positions at night.

What I like most about it

The Milemont memory foam pillow comes with some great benefits. When you first receive it, it comes in a flat package, but when you unbox it expands to its full size. The quality is surprisingly good for the affordable price and beats a lot of other memory foam pillows in the same price range. You also receive a slipcover that you can pull over your pillow and whenever you want to, you can remove it and wash it.

You get a free sleep mask!

Additionally, you get a free sleep mask! As you may know, I love sleep masks and they are a great way to enhance your sleep. For me, they are part of my strategy to fall asleep within a few minutes. Okay, but this is a memory foam pillow review, so if you want to know more about sleep masks, check out this article: Are Sleep Masks Dangerous? – The Ultimate Sleep Mask Guide

So, you get a pillow of high quality, a pillowcase that you can remove and wash and a sleep mask. Actually, that means you don’t just get a pillow, but a whole sleep improvement package!

Note: The pillow needs some time to expand after you unbox it. Be patient. The manual says you can speed the process up by putting it in the dryer (on low). Don’t do that! The pillow will grow up to 6 times its package size if you leave it for too long. So, better just wait for a little and check out the sleep mask you received at that time.

If you take a look at the pillow, you can see that the two sides have different heights. When I tested it, I felt like that’s a genius idea. Because when you readjust your posture during the night, you can simply turn the pillow around and sleep on the higher or lower side. That makes it very versatile.

What I think could be better

This pillow has two downsides, and I’m sure they both have to do with the price category it’s in. The Milemont memory foam pillow is not machine washable. That’s not really an issue, because its pillowcase is. But high-quality memory foam pillows usually are machine-washable. That means you don’t get the very best memory foam material. But for that price range, it’s still decent.

The second downside of it is that there’s no option to adapt the size of it to your needs. Usually, when you buy a memory foam pillow for back sleepers, a lot of the available products don’t use a solid “brick” of memory foam as a stuffing, but shredded memory foam. With shredded memory foam, you can adapt the size and height of the pillow to your needs by removing or adding stuffing.

Does it relieve my neck pain?

Absolutely! I think that the memory foam “brick” instead of shredded memory foam adds extra support for your neck. So, this memory foam pillow is well suited for most back sleepers with neck pain. But if you are very tall or very slim in body size, you should rather lookout for an adaptable shredded memory foam pillow (just as the next one below).

Snuggle-Pedic Memory Foam Pillow Review for Back Sleepers

What I like most about it

When the Snuggle-Pedic Shredded Memory Foam pillow arrives, it comes in a dense packaging, so you need to let it expand for a few hours or a day. That makes sure that it’s nice and comfortable when you finally use it. When you first unbox it, you’ll notice that the Snuggle-Pedic memory foam pillow is of high quality. The material of the cover feels nice and soft and the memory foam has the typical squishy memory foam feeling.

I was actually surprised that this memory is completely machine washable. In contrast to the previous Milemont memory foam pillow for back sleepers, that’s a great advantage. Especially if you take it with you on a trip, it’s always great to be able to wash the memory foam without destroying it. And being machine washable shows that the memory foam is durable and long-lasting.

Shredded Memory Foam is Fully Customizable

Also, I love the customizability of the Snuggle-Pedic memory foam pillow. What do I mean? Well, because it’s shredded memory foam instead of a solid memory foam piece you can easily remove and add stuffing. That means it’s especially well suited for everyone who doesn’t like the standard sizes and pillow heights.

And you not only receive a great high-quality memory foam pillow, but also unbeatable customer service. When you think your memory foam pillow is too flat and it needs some extra stuffing, you can contact Snuggle-Pedic and they will send you a free memory foam refill! Also, you can tell them that you want a softer or harder refill. That means you can not only customize the size, but also the softness.

But don’t worry. For most people, the stuffing that’s delivered is already perfectly fine!

What I think could be better

Although the pillow is made of shredded soft memory foam, it might be the case that after some months, the memory foam loses loft. That hasn’t been the case for me yet but I discovered quite some other reviews about this issue. The customer support will send you free refill memory foam, but that’s not a long term solution as it will lose loft as well.

They also recommend you to put your memory foam pillow in the dryer for a few minutes. It absolutely works and the memory foam seems to have returned to its original level of softness, but after a few weeks, it will become stiffer again.

However, not everybody seems to have this problem with the pillow. It’s a bit odd to me. I think the issue is that those who don’t like the stiffness might have a problem with memory foam in general. Memory foam pillows seem very stiff for back sleepers. Here’s an article that explains why: Why are Memory Foam Pillows so Hard? – How to Soften Them!

Does it relieve my neck pain?

Yes! This pillow is a safe choice in terms of neck pain and there’s no chance you can go wrong with it. Even though it doesn’t have an ergonomic design as the Milemont memory foam pillow for back sleepers, you can easily adjust the height and overall size of the pillow by adding and removing the stuffing.

Royal Therapy Memory Foam Pillow Review for Back Sleepers

What I like most about it

The Royal Therapy memory foam pillow comes in a nice-looking, if not even luxurious packaging. It comes with a nice and soft cover that you can remove and machine-wash. When you unbox the pillow and compare it to the two others I review in this article (Milemont and Snuggle-Pedic) you see, that the Royal Therapy memory foam pillow is like a hybrid of them.

It has an ergonomic design just as the Milemont pillow, but it is also adjustable in height as the Snuggle-Pedic pillow. If you can’t decide, which of the pillows you should take, the Royal Therapy pillow is the best choice.

memory foam pillow for back sleepers royal therapy

On top of that, it is of high quality and the price you pay for that quality is under 50$. In my opinion, it beats the two other pillows because of the cost-effectivity. It is a Queen size pillow, which makes it slightly longer than standard pillows.

I’ve found that compared to all the other memory foam pillows for back sleepers this one stands out. You just get everything you need: Adjustability (you can remove an inner layer of stuffing), Quality and durability. This one is the only memory foam pillow I’ve found that doesn’t lose softness and comfort when you use it regularly.

What I think could be better

Although this review is completely unbiased, it’s really difficult to find negative points for this pillow! Here are some things I think could be better (but they are not really as dramatic as they sound). The memory foam pillow is not machine-washable, only the fabric cover is. And I think the pillow could be made up of more memory foam layers.

Currently, its customizability is limited because it consists of 3 layers of memory foam and you can only remove the middle layer. That would be a decrease of a third of the height. But what if you want a 10% decrease? Sadly, that’s not possible.

Does it relieve my neck pain?

The ergonomic design makes sure that your back pain is reduced. Also, it is by far the best-rated memory foam pillow for back sleepers on amazon regarding pain relieve.

3 Best Memory Foam Pillows for Back Sleepers – The Outline

When it comes to choosing memory foam pillows, there are endless possibilities. In this article, I’ve shown you the three best memory foam pillows for back sleepers – each of them with its advantages and disadvantages. In general, each of them is a reliable choice and you can’t go wrong.

My personal favorite is the Royal Therapy Memory Foam pillow as I’ve found it the most versatile and best quality product among the three. However, depending on your needs and what you liked and disliked in my reviews, you might find another one the better choice.

All of them effectively relieve back pain.

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