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Best Earplugs For Sleeping – My Top Picks

When you are looking for the best earplugs for sleeping, here’s a great place to start. I have tested all kinds of earplugs and use them every single day. Especially when you are looking for earplugs to use for sleeping, there are some things you can do wrong. Here’s a guide on what to look out for. And also, I’ve compiled a quick list of the 3 best earplugs you can get!

Quick Answer: There are so many fancy kinds of earplugs you can buy. There are silicone earplugs, wax earplugs, and foam earplugs. However, I’ve found that for most people simple foam earplugs provide the best cost-effectiveness. They are perfectly suited for blocking noise while you sleep, are comfortable to wear and very cheap to get. In fact, expensive brand products turned out to be no better than other regular earplugs.

These are the Top 3 Earplugs For Sleeping:

Why I picked the Howard Leight by Honeywell Earplugs

For me, I want to get the most value for my money. For an unbeatable price, you get 200 pairs of earplugs. No other brand can compete with that. And even though they are so price-effective, there’s absolutely nothing negative you can say about them. They perform perfectly fine and are awesome for sleeping.

Why They Are the Best Earplugs for Sleeping

  • They are comfortable to wear. Even if you don’t change them every single day, they don’t wear down as quickly as other earplugs do. If you change them every 3-4 days, you’ll always have a pair of soft and nice fitting earplugs.
  • They will last for about 2 years. If you get a package of them that includes 200 pairs of earplugs and change your earplugs every 3-4 days, you’ll have a massive 2 years supply of noise protection.
  • They look pretty good and if you wear them at work everyone will notice that you don’t want to be disturbed. Other earplugs are often too small so people overlook them which causes misunderstanding when suddenly someone talks to you.
  • They fit any ear size.

What to look for in Earplugs for Sleeping

Earplugs that you buy for sleeping should have some features which other earplugs often don’t have. By paying attention to these features, you will choose the right earplugs.

  • The earplugs should be made of foam material.
  • Avoid other materials like silicon. They will trap too much moisture inside your ear which can become harmful if you wear them for 8 hours continuously during sleep.
  • The package size should be decent. If you are getting a package of 25 pairs, you can prepare for buying new earplugs every one or two months. Avoid that and buy a big supply straight away. Also, the more you get, the cheaper it becomes.
  • Depending on the noise level in your room you’ll need a noise reduction rate of at least -29dB. Otherwise, unwanted sounds will pass. Don’t worry, you’ll still be able to hear your alarm clock (Take a look at this article – Can You Hear Your Alarm With Earplgs?).
  • They need to be easily insertable.
  • It is a great benefit if each pair of earplugs is single-sealed. That comes in very handy if you are traveling or sleeping somewhere else.
  • Easy to grab and take out.
  • Lightweight.
  • Suited for all ear sizes and ear canal shapes

“Howard Leight, I don’t know who you are, but I love you for making these earplugs.” (Reviewer)

Here’s a clip from Doctor Cliff showing how to use your Foam Earplugs for Sleep

Here’s a short introduction in written form:

  1. Squeeze and roll the earplug between your fingers until it looks like a sausage.
  2. Slowly put the earplug inside your ear.
  3. Put one finger on it while it expands (so it expands inward instead of coming out).
  4. Repeat for the second earplug.

After doing this a couple of times, you’ll be able to put in both earplugs in a few seconds. It’s a fairly simple process and there’s not much you can do wrong.

So if you’ve been sitting around and wondering whether you are ready to get your first pair of earplugs, yes you are! With prices that start at around 10$-20$ you can’t do anything wrong and your sleep quality will thank you. Especially with noisy and annoying neighbors, your sleep will improve incredibly.

The Best Earplugs For Sleep – What You Have to Know

If you want to learn more about earplugs, this is the right place for you. I’ve already compiled lots of information and wrong misconceptions about them. You can find all the articles in my earplugs section.

When you first wear earplugs, they might seem a little weird. But trust me, you’ll adapt to them quickly. They are designed to be comfortable and there are lots of people who can’t miss them in their life (including me).

For sleeping, you should absolutely stick to foam earplugs first. They are not collecting as much dirt as the other kinds of earplugs and also don’t itch that fast. Especially if you change them regularly, you are fine.

foam earplugs

Also, foam earplugs maintain a higher comfort level for long continuous wearing times. And because you are looking for earplugs for sleep, you’ll need earplugs that stay comfortable all night. Other earplugs like those that are made of silicone work as well, but they are not designed for long wearing durations. They are made for short term wearing like when you are going to a concert or you are riding a motorcycle.

Therefore, it’s the best idea to stick to the Top 3 list I’ve compiled at the beginning of this article. These are solid, highly rated and tested earplugs you simply can’t go wrong with.

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