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7 Benefits of Sleeping Without a Pillow (The last one will convince you)

Should you really start sleeping without a pillow – are there any benefits? If you are waking up with neck pain every morning or you want to improve the quality of your sleep, sleeping without a pillow can actually benefit you. In this guide, you’ll find out about the 7 unexpected benefits of sleeping without a pillow you have to know! I’ve also added an ultimate How To Get Used To Sleeping Without A Pillow Strategy in this article. You will be able to sleep without a pillow in just 7 days!

Quick answer: The benefits of sleeping without a pillow are: It relieves back and neck pain. You will be able to sleep anywhere you want. It will benefit your skin and your hair. You will become more attractive and even more intelligent. And on top of that, your spine posture will improve tremendously.

How? This guide will give you in-depth information on:

  • 7 Unexpected Benefits of Sleeping Without a Pillow You Have to Know
  • How To Start Sleeping Without A Pillow – 3 Steps
  • The “How To Get Used To Sleeping Without A Pillow in just 7 Days”-Plan
  • I Can’t Sleep Without a Pillow – What to do?
  • The 2 Downsides of Sleeping Without A Pillow
  • Other Ways To Use A Pillow You Should Try

So let’s jump right in!

7 Unexpected Benefits of Sleeping Without a Pillow You Have to Know

1. You will be comfortable everywhere and anytime once you are used to it

If your body has adapted to sleeping without a pillow, you will be able to improve your sleep even if you are not at home. For example, if you are traveling and you are on a train, a bus or even a plane. Most of us know how hard it can be to fall asleep on a long train ride. Our neck is used to always have the support of a pillow. Your body will handle that much better than if you always need a comfortable pillow.

another benefit of sleeping without a pillow is that you can sleep anywhere

2. Sleeping Without a Pillow Relieves Back Pain

Overly soft pillows might be the reason you put your body in an extremely unnatural sleeping position which induces back pain. Sleeping without a pillow forces us to adopt a natural sleeping position. Once you have a night without a pillow, your back will feel better day by day. Get rid of the pillow for a few nights to see if you wake up feeling better the next morning.

3. Sleeping Without A Pillow is Good For Your Skin

Because you put your face in a soft pillow every night, your skin is always covered in fabric. Therefore your skin can’t get rid of the dirt and dust accumulated during the day. Also, your skin needs some air to refresh and breathe in the night. It even acts like an Anti-Wrinkle treatment.

Because your skin doesn’t have to withstand the tension from the pillow every night anymore, it will be tighter than ever. Also, wash your face every evening before going to bed to get rid of all the dust and sleep without a pillow and your pimples and blackheads will vanish.

clean skin

4. It Prevents Neck Pain

Sleeping without a pillow will actually resolve neck pain overnight. Because your head is in an unnatural position while sleeping in a big soft pillow, your body wants to counteract and tenses your neck muscles to keep your head stable. That’s the reason you wake up with neck pain more than enough. If you don’t use a pillow at night, your neck muscles won’t have to stabilize your head anymore. You will be able to relax much better and wake up without neck pain.

5. Sleeping Without a Pillow Keeps Your Hair Healthy and Shiny

For the same reason as for your skin, your hair will be damaged as it’s rubbed in a pillow every night. This not only damages your hair physically and makes it brittle. Because of the friction, your hair will become electrically charged and therefore dries out much faster. Try out some nights without a pillow and your hair will thank you.

6. Your Spine Posture will Straighten

During your day, your body adapts to many different positions like sitting, walking, lying, exercising. In the night, your bones realign, recover and stabilize for the next day. Sleeping without a pillow will actually give your bones and your spine more freedom to get ready for the next day. Your posture will improve every day.

a major benefit of sleeping without a pillow is that it relieves neck pain

7. You become more attractive and intelligent

Sleeping without a pillow causes your spine to straighten as you’ve already found out. You will be able to walk more confidently as your posture improves day by day. Also, it prevents moisture to build up on your skin. And your hair will appear to be shinier and healthier.

On top of that, sleeping without a pillow makes you more confident. You achieve something every night that others don’t. You don’t just sleep like other people. Sleeping without a pillow means taking care of yourself in so many different ways. Your improved health, posture, skin and hair will change your life significantly: You’ll be more attractive.

On top of that, sleeping without a pillow enhances your intelligence as well. Because you train yourself to sleep better and you force yourself to maintain a healthy posture, your brain able to work properly during sleep. This improves your memory and brain functions and eventually makes you more intelligent. Of course, it’s not the same as studying particle physics at university, but you boost your intelligence during your sleep. How awesome is that?

How To Start Sleeping Without A Pillow – 3 Steps

Quick Answer: The best way to get used to sleeping without a pillow is to slowly remove one layer of cushion a day.  First, you sleep with a pillow under your head. The next day, you replace the pillow with a folded towel or a heap of t-shirts. Then remove one shirt every day. In case of a towel, unfold it every day so it becomes thinner. The key to this strategy is slow progression until you reach your goal of sleeping without a pillow.

But here’s everything you need to know in more detail so you can follow along.

Get Rid Of Your Pillow

This step is obvious, isn’t it? The most important step is to actually put aside your pillow in the first place. The first night might not be the easiest one, because you are not used to it yet. It’s a good idea to hide your pillow in a hard to reach spot like another room or below your bed to not be tempted to give in in the middle of the first night.

How To Get Used To It in Just 7 Days – The Plan

The first three nights will be the hardest because your body is not used to sleep without a pillow. After these three nights, it will become better every day and you will be able to experience all the benefits I mentioned above. After 7 Days you will feel much more comfortable sleeping without a pillow and you will probably want to continue experiencing your increased well being.

Here’s my ultimate Get Used To It In 7-Days Plan:

  • Day 1 – 3: Replace your pillow with either a thinner pillow or something else that’s more flat. A soft folded towel or if you don’t have anything prepared just a bunch of t-shirts. Spend your first night using the replacement to sleep on.
  • Day 4: If you’ve come this far, congratulations! Probably your neck will feel weird these days but don’t worry, you’ll adapt to it! Now get something that’s even thinner. If you’ve used a towel, unfold it. In case you used a heap of t-shirts, remove one or two shirts from it. The idea of the fourth night is to sleep on next to nothing (but not really nothing). You will have something under your head, but it’s actually nothing and therefore helps you a lot to adapt.
  • Day 5-7: Try to sleep without a pillow on these days. It will feel weird and uncomfortable. But, you’ve managed to get this far and the last days are the easiest! Days 5-7  are your first days without a pillow. You will want your pillow back. But don’t give in you are nearly there!

You will get used to it! – Sleeping without a pillow is worth it

If you have problems falling asleep at this point I absolutely recommend using earplugs to improve your sleep quality! Check out my ultimate earplugs guide – including everything you want to know and the crazy benefits of earplugs (you don’t even know about yet).

After completing all 7 days of getting used to sleeping with less and less under your head, you will be prepared to sleep without a pillow long-term. Because you made small progression every day by removing just a little bit of thickness over the course of the week, your neck will be much less strained than if you did a hard-switch to sleeping without a pillow.

Drink Lots Of Water

Drinking enough water is key every time your body has to adapt to something new. If you drink enough water your body will be able to adapt to your new sleeping habit much better. Also because now your sleeping position is not locked in by a pillow anymore and you are drinking enough water, your body will be able to detox more effectively and have a more relaxed and sound night.

drink water to sleep better

I Can’t Sleep Without A Pillow – What to do?

Workout During The Day

If you say you can’t sleep without a pillow you most likely aren’t motivated enough. In this case, take a look at the list of benefits again. I know that the first nights can be uncomfortable. You have to remember: At some point, everyone can sleep. Imagine you’ve been climbing Mount Everest for days finally reaching the top and seeing a bed over there.

Do you think you will complain about not having a pillow? Most likely you won’t because your body will be exhausted enough to sleep no matter what. All you have to do is to have a workout during the day, making you fall asleep much better. Also, turn off electronic devices like your smartphone right before sleep. Check out my article on 5 Bad Habits Destroying Your Sleep for more in-depth information. It explains 5 mistakes you do that prevent you from having quality sleep and how you can instantly fix them.

Sleep On A Thin Pillow

If you are absolutely sure you won’t be able to sleep without a pillow, but you still want to get similar benefits, I recommend getting a rather thin pillow. Using a thin pillow you will be able to keep the comfort of having some support under your head while still benefiting from the improvements I mentioned above. It’s a really nice balance between sleeping on no pillow at all and sleeping on a big soft pillow. And you might even be able to keep the sleep position you’re used to.

The 2 Downsides Of Sleeping Without A Pillow

1. Unusual Body Posture While Sleeping

There are some known downsides sleeping without a pillow. For example, if you are a side sleeper, you shouldn’t try to sleep on your side without a pillow. Unlike the back or stomach sleeping positions, you need a pillow to keep your head well aligned with your spine. Otherwise, your neck muscles will overstretch and you will wake up with uncomfortable neck pain. Try to sleep on your stomach or on your back to keep a natural curve of the spine.

benefits of sleeping without a pillow for women

2. It’s uncomfortable as long as you are not used to sleeping without a pillow

Unless you’re already used to sleeping without a pillow, the first nights can feel really unfamiliar to you. The sleeping habits you’ve always had now have to adopt some changes. This usually takes just a few days and then you’ll be ready to feel better every morning.

Other Ways To Use a Pillow You Should Try

Not only is it healthy to sleep without a pillow, but it is also a good idea to use the pillow in other positions to support your well being. I personally find these other ways especially useful when you are sick and you have to spend the whole day lying in your bed.

Put A Pillow Under Your Legs

There are two other options to place a flat pillow to benefit your sleep and your body posture. One of them is under your legs (behind your knees) to elevate them slightly. This position is able to relieve lower back pain and is actually really comfortable.

Put A Pillow Under Your Back

The other option is putting a pillow under your back right above the hip area to support your natural lumbar curve. Both of them are definitely worth a try to increase your health and reduce pain when waking up in the morning.

In Short

There are whole nations in Asia (especially Japan) sleeping without a pillow or even sleeping on the floor and often studies show that their health, happiness and life expectancy is better than ours because of their sleeping habits.

If you adapt and improve your sleeping habits, not only will you feel better every morning. You will also feel more refreshed, more healthy and last but not least: you will be happier. You spend one-third of your life sleeping. If you’re not optimizing your sleep, you are missing out on 33% of the chances to improve your whole life.

If you are having trouble falling asleep at night you should definitely try sleeping without a pillow for at least 7 days so your body adapts. The benefits of sleeping without a pillow are worth it. After you made your personal experience you decide if you feel like you should use a pillow or not. That’s something you have to find out for yourself. Your body will send you signals giving you the correct answer. All the benefits of sleeping without a pillow are definitely worth a try, so start your 7 days now!

Take a look here if you want to find out more about the best sleep guides that have ever been written on this planet!

I got my inspiration for this article from this quora question.


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